Finally my website is done…I guess. I mean I somehow keep getting this feeling that it will have to change…very soon. I am actually sure that the site will see some drastic changes a few months down the line.

Honestly from a designer’s point of view what i feel may not make sense…but I wish it did. I remember having this conversation with my designer where I kept nagging him to get the site to be easy to use. Having a unique design and something different from the standards have been the hallmark of my life. As a rebel, I hate to conform to standards and rules…to an extent I guess. But then I guess being a rebel do not necessarily mean that you have to alienate the crowd. I believe that a rebel should have followers so that his ideology is accepted and becomes a standard 🙂 …I know its irony but a fact.

That’s why if you notice on my website you will see that I have insisted on certain redundancy. Like two navigation bars…text bar on the top right-hand corner and the icon bar on the lower right hand corner. I felt it is necessary for people not to feel disoriented and should have a sense of familiarity. (I will talk about this later in a different post on conventions).

I really feel that a website being the identity of a company on-line, and especially if the website is new then it is important to keep accepting feedback and critical review to continuously evolve the website to level of acceptance. Small tweaks and changes are and should be a part of the process of this evolution [though most designers will beg to differ on that]. I intend to keep pestering my designer to assist this evolution and I cross my fingers he won’t read this….now that’s definitely Just a Thought…but positive enough! 🙂




So it starts…my first day of blogging on this blog. I have blogged before but never have been a regular. So WHY did I start now again?

Frankly I don’t know…but what the heck…its my blog and I can write and I will write. Actually what got me started is website. My website got me to think, read, research and understand as to how can I optimize my website for search engines. I keep reading that AJAX and SEO are like water and fire…and since my website is majorly designed in AJAX…I had to find ways to successfully mix the fire and water.

I will continue to make changes and experiment with my website and keep posting on my experiences making the potent cocktail of fire and water. Ciao…right now I need to get back to getting things ‘rite for the site’ …hey by way…if you do feel you have something that will help me do get back to me…you never know…what can make a difference…maybe ‘just a thought!’